Independent News – September 2019

How investors should cope with volatility and uncertainty – and much more besides.

Here is our September 2019 Independent News magazine. As always, we look to provide some food for thought on key financial planning matters that could matter to you.

Brexit is certainly on the minds of most and with the ‘fear’ of a no-deal Brexit along with Trump’s posturing’s, the US/China trade war, the slowing of global growth and the retirement of Draghi from the ECB, volatility is back with a vengeance. The magazine looks at why it is important for investors not to panic in times of uncertainty and to maintain a long-term focus.

There’s also an article on the issue of passing on wealth and why it is a sensitive subject, not only because of the financial complexities of it all, but also due to the emotion and family politics involved.

We also look at what to do with your pension pots on retirement. Following on from the pension freedoms introduced back in 2015, there are plenty of options to mull over and it makes sense for investors to start to plan early.

Also inside this issue, we put forward a list of the ‘Top 5’ tax planning areas for people to consider now.

There’s a whole host of other articles too, looking at issues such as preparing your portfolio for inflation, and why you should be protecting what matters - those dearest to you, and those financially dependent upon you.

We hope you find this latest edition both interesting and useful. If it does and you would like some financial advice, please do not hesitate to contact your Kellands Bristol financial adviser.



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