Financial Planning for Accountants

At Kellands we have built up extensive experience and expertise working with accountants and have developed close working relationships with both large firms and small practices. We count senior partners amongst our valued clients and have guided and advised some of them since their early days in the profession.

Helping you

The starting point for many accountants is trying to get a handle on how their finances could pan out in the future. For many, your income could vary each month depending on billing and workflows. We understand the challenges that accountants face, from complex compliance and independence rules to managing an uneven income or simply finding the time to devote to your personal finances. Our understanding and experience means we can help you make sure your money is working hard to secure the financial future you want.


At Kellands, we start by carrying out a detailed cash flow analysis, looking to project your possible future finances, by establishing your income and tax positions and how much you can afford to invest. We look at different scenarios to accommodate mortgages, school fees planning, investment opportunities, pension contributions, succession planning and phased retirement options.

It is also important to look to structure your finances as tax-efficiently as possible. There are a whole host of various tax allowances and rules, and busy accountants rarely have the time to ensure they are making the most of them. We can help you to structure your finances tax-efficiently and give you advice on all the available options – from paying into ISAs and pensions to using more complex, high-risk schemes – all the while ensuring that you have cash readily available to settle your Income Tax bill.

Retirement planning can be a complex issue for accountants. We can help you with both your overall retirement plans and with specifics such as calculating your tapered annual allowance and making pension contributions; working out how much you can afford to pay into your pension without impacting on your lifestyle; protecting you from a potential lifetime allowance tax charge; and other later life planning issues such as inheritance tax planning.

Investment planning will no doubt play a key role in your financial plans, and the performance of your investments can seriously affect how much money you will have in the future.

At Kellands, we offer investment management and investment advisory services, depending on how much involvement you would like with your investment decisions.

In all cases, we ensure that you are invested in line with your individual financial objectives, circumstances and attitude to risk.

Helping your clients

As well as providing you with financial planning help and advice, we also work closely with many accountancy firms to help them with their clients.

Many of your clients will have complex financial affairs. Our advisers can help your clients, and are experienced at working with business owners whether they are building their businesses or developing an exit strategy. We can also help your clients with financial protection, employee benefits programmes, Inheritance Tax planning and retirement planning.

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