You have one life, so it pays to invest wisely – just one of the topics in our latest magazine.

Having just celebrated our 30th anniversary, we are now looking forward to the festive season. We are also pleased to share with you our December 2018 magazine, which as always looks at a wide range of topical financial issues that will hopefully stimulate your financial thinking.

Throughout our lives, we will all have many different lifestyle and financial goals that we would like to achieve. What do you want from your investments? Supplementing your income? Building your retirement pot? In this issue we look at how you can plan to reach your multiple financial goals.

We also look at a whole range of other topics, including IHT planning, the impact of inflation on your investments, relationship breakdowns and how they affect pensions (amongst other things), tax planning, the sandwich generation, plus how work pressures can cause health and well-being problems.

Finally, we have a timely article relating to the festive season. Whether you’re a parent, guardian or grandparent, you’ll want to provide the best future for your children or grandchildren that you can. Christmas is an excellent time to encourage children to start thinking about the value of money. Many have hundreds of pounds spent on them at Christmas, but could that money be put to better use?

As you prepare for the forthcoming festivities, we hope you can find time to reflect on financial matters and enjoy this issue of Independent News. Please feel free to download it.

For help or advice with any matters raised in the magazine, please contact Kellands Bristol.

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