Deane Standish

IT/Operations Director

A graduate of Nottingham University in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Deane worked in defence and seismographic research overseas before settling in Bristol to pursue a less bachelor lifestyle.

True to his early calling, Deane remained on the path of technology-based challenges, balancing team management and hands on delivery of voice and data products and projects to military, healthcare and multinational operators for a number of UK companies.

Although well-travelled with his early work and able to get a room with beer in most Asian territories, Deane is from ‘Up North’ and admits that he still struggles speaking “southern” and just doesn’t understand what crushed, minted peas are actually for.

Having joined Kellands over fifteen years ago as the IT Director to help modernise and manage a developing infrastructure, Deane is also now happy to get away from the screens occasionally to work on office moves and changes, as well interfering with any electrical item that appears to be not doing a decent enough job.

Married for over 25 years with three adult children, all still in the Bristol area, Deane claims not to have any spare time that he can admit to, as it would immediately be requisitioned by his wife to help her in their business of running a riverside bar.

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Work: 0117 900 4000

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