The following are just some of the testimonials we have received, from clients and from our professional partners.

"I met Tom Roberts when he was IFA for an elderly friend for whom I held Power of Attorney. He was recommended to my friend by other friends of hers.  I was impressed, as was my friend, by the way he handled her finances until her death. When I realized that my own finances were in a muddled state I asked Tom to become my IFA. At our first subsequent meeting he was scrupulous in assessing my willingness to accept risk and patient in explaining matters so that I could understand them. Since then, he has streamlined my financial assets, always keeping me fully informed about them and always being willing to promptly answer by phone or email any queries I have had"  Brenda Davey, London W2 


"My wife and I have been clients with Kellands (Bristol) for over 10 years. We moved there for continuity of advice when our financial adviser, Clive Hall, joined the company in 2006/7. He has taken the time and trouble to understand our family circumstances and we regard him very highly. 

The advice given has been consistently sound and we have been very satisfied with the investments made. Meetings with Clive are friendly and timely. The inheritance tax, ISA investment and family trust advice has always been informed, up-to-date and forward-looking. The customised advisory documentation from Kellands has been of a high standard throughout and we've been happy to recommend Kellands services to several friends who report complete satisfaction"  - Roger Starr, Winscombe, North Somerset


"I would without hesitation recommend Kellands for any financial advice. I have been very impressed with all the guidance and wealth of knowledge I have received over the years and very grateful as it a subject that is completely out of my comfort zone.

All the financial suggestions have been spot on and I've been extremely impressed with the performance of my various investments. I have also had invaluable advice and guidance on my later life planning with my pensions and have now just retired so being able to enjoy my live to the full. Philip Chapman has always been very patient and has explained everything with clarity and honesty - we have had a great working relationship for many years."  - Ailsa Frew, London


Having grown a business for over twenty years, we were lucky enough to have an approach from a friendly competitor.  Fortunately my work colleague Richard and I were able to get pro-active advice from Kellands as to what to do with the proceeds of the sale.  We had both known and worked with Paul Marchionne and were comfortable being introduced to the experts at Kellands and we were able to get great advice regards tax, pension planning and investment.

Throughout our discussions we were treated with upmost respect and were able to make objective and measured decisions. We would certainly recommend Kellands for all financial planning advice and you can be assured of a personal and respectful advice" - Roger Spickett-Jones, Bristol


"Joining Kellands has made my financial life so much simpler. Tony Griffin and Paul Marchionne have explained things very clearly, taking time to go through everything step by step. Since changing to Kellands, my money has started to increase and it has also helped having meetings to keep on top of things. Plus they have always been happy to have one of my sons accompany me at the meetings." - Marie Lee , Bristol


"I first approached Kellands Bristol to discuss an investment following the sale of a property. I found the representatives to be very welcoming and professional; it was made clear to me how the fund worked and the reasons why it was the best for my situation. There was no pressure upon me to sign up for anything and it allowed me to go away and consider my options and discuss with others. In my second meeting the proposal was clearly recapped and explained and consequently I was very happy to make the investment." - Barry Davie, Bristol 

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